• "One can only speculate, almost endlessly: Was Andrew's death a suicide or homocide? If it was suicide, why did Andrew do it? If it was homocide, who did it? What was the killer or killers', motivation? Was Andrew killed during a drug deal? If so was it related to his role as a confidential informant? The heart cries out for an answer to what happened to Andrew, but the mind searches in vain for that answer." 

Honorable District Judge Jay Schmitz in dismissing lawsuit and granting Summary Judgement to Defendants May 20, 2019 

Your Honor, Sir, Respectfully, this citizen believes that this Murder and it's apparent cover-up by law enforcement can be pursued to murder prosecutions if the Criminal Division of the United States Department of Justice pursues the matter as a two prong investigation. 

There appear to be at least 4 persons of interest.

There is the "girlfriend" who appears in the last week of Andrew's life. She may be the intelligence agent reporting activities and movements of Mr. Sadek to a standard of more likely than not - a  three person kill team.  She may or may not be the "sweetest thing"; some people apparently believed such a thing about Eva Braun - Hilter - Eva Braun - Hitler had nothing to do with the death of Mr. Sadek. 

Facts must guide every inquiry and follow all possible leads of a Homocide investigation without even regard for the desires of the murder victim's loved ones wishes - Facts and leads alone.  USDOJ Criminal Division enter please.

The girlfriends actual possession of designer marijuana that must have come from a state of complete legalization and her knowledge of exotic names brands in her possession is on the level of knowledge that would be that of a manager of a dispensary in such a state and not that of virtually any person residing in North Dakota. 

                                                                            IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES

                                                                               COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY

STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA)                                                                                                                                  AFFIDAVIT IN OPPOSITION

                                                     )                                                                                                                                   TO NOMINATION OF

COUNTY OF CASS                 )                                                                                                                                    DALLAS L CARSON FOR    

                                                                                                                                                                                          US MARSHAL FOR ND

                                                                                                                                                                                          PN 1709

Affiant Mark E. Nelson residing at 1717 40th St S. APT 303, Fargo, ND 58103 after being sworn deposes and says:  Affiant in June 2016 was asked by a citizen in social conversation if affiant had heard anything about friendly fire being the cause of the death of Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer in an incident occurring 10-11 February 2016. Affiant had not.

The Nomination of Mr. Dallas L. Carlson by President Donald J. Trump for the position of US Marshal for North Dakota is opposed by this citizen for cause. Mr. Carlson is disqualified for this position on the basis of ethical lapse and conducting investigations in a manner whereby the truth of the case and the facts of the matter have been hidden from the public and the Civil Rights of Citizens of the United States of America have been violated.

Affiant having interest in subject matter public corruption and having registered with the North Dakota Secretary of State’s Office the Trade Name LA Sevareid Newsgroup (October 2013) proceeded to look into the matter. Affiant received - as released to affiant - large reports - heavily redacted -  from the North Dakota Office Of Attorney General. The Investigation was conducted by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation a Division of the North Dakota Office of Attorney General. Mr. Wayne Stenehjem is North Dakota Attorney General. Mr. Carlson BCI Director.

I approach the Committee on the Judiciary as citizen, journalist and Whistleblower - as the use of public funded SWAT equipment was not used to simply subdue a perpetrator - but to destroy the home of a newly widowed woman - whose husband was known by Red River SWAT Team Commander LT William Ahlfeldt to be deceased by likely 2240 hrs 10 FEB 16. Michelle Schumacher’s hard earned home was destroyed by repeated ramming of SWAT Bearcat vehicle. LT Ahlfeldt told Grand Forks SWAT Team Commander who he called in from over 75 miles away, he - Ahlfeldt believed Marcus C. Schumacher Sr. to be deceased at 2302 hrs 10 FEB 16. 

Please see affiant OPEN LETTER to ND Governor Honorable Doug Burgum dated 20 AUG 17 asking that he demand the resignation of Attorney General Mr. Wayne Stenehjem. Links show the delivery to the Governor with screen snipped transmittal - also sent to most of his cabinet and the Chief Justice of North Dakota Gerald VandeWalle. No response from any party was received. No denial of affiants premise that Officer Jason Moszer was killed by SWAT Negligent fire has occurred, or that 

Police were determined to eliminate Mr. Schumacher

Police Corruption



Further, please see LT Ahlfeldt in records of Grand Forks SWAT team - his utterance that the perpetrator was presumed dead - but they did not know.  A small host of police scribes purport to call (the dead) Mr. Schumacher 50 additional times of different phone numbers - the time lines do not in my experience comport to a real world situation.  SWAT does not consider using flash stun grenade - if they were in the arsenal. Instead SWAT lobbed 40 some CS canisters into the home. There appears no indication that Commander LT Ahlfeldt ever left his van a couple blocks away at the First Lutheran Church parking lot to gain a true situation on the ground. 

Re the Grand Forks Documents please see link;


Dear Senators  - the matter becomes more ethically impaired  - LT Ahlfeldt and senior police officials (Chief David Todd apparently not privy in real time to suggested plan that the police ask for Mr. Schumacher’s suicide.) Insisting still despite ethical and professional psychological negotiation protocols that such a “request” is contrary to ethical systems and the goal of having a perpetrator surrender; Fargo Deputy Chief Joe Anderson insists that a Police Chief may ask for a citizen suicide. Strangely in the two recent matters where Fargo police - here - contemplated asking for citizen suicide and where an Officer suggested to a citizen on line, the citizen asking the details of a shooting by police of citizen David Elliot at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks - “do us all a favor and hang ur (sic) self” - on the Officer’s and citizen’s respective Facebook accounts. City Commission of Fargo has remained silent as to whether Commission recognizes a Police Chief’s right to “ask” for a citizens suicide - strangely when the Chief is not apparently in the loop.   

Please see in regard to police “right” of suicide request:


Mr. Elliot was unarmed and shot 5 times in the face while it appears his tires were already flattened - he spent extensive time on the phone to police and desired to surrender at the hospital ER to a specific officer.

The Police (University of North Dakota Officer employed) shooter had not been scheduled to work that night, had inexplicably with him a female intern - who balked when it came time to back up the shooters story to BCI about what he allegedly instructed her to testify to. Shooter stated that he feared Elliot would run over fellow police officer. That police officer expressed he felt in no danger according to reports. It appears that the shooter also dressed in some other officer’s uniform and when the shooting had taken place kicked body cam under a vehicle. It appears possible according to Mr. Timothy Holmseth an independent journalist that shooter was negotiating a buy of narcotic pills prescribed to Mr. Elliot when a bank custodian called police. This may have alarmed the shooter - significantly. The buy was according to reports probably for the officer/shooters own larder - accounts.  

There appears to be a pattern of malfeasance in the policing in North Dakota - the jurisprudence - the association of the “close knit” matrix of almost exclusively graduates of the University of North Dakota Law School who engage in the practice of law in North Dakota. UND Law is a low ranked third tier law school that now can not afford given the oil revenue bust to keep open any clinical program - even in employment law and students are it appears expected to go out to other law schools etc and seek such experience. 

Statewide - the malfeasance in policing is statewide appears collusive, the death (possible murder) of 20 year old Andrew Sadek featured by journalist Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes. Mr Sadek caught with selling on two occasions about a couple joints of marijuana total revenue $80.00, then he was talked into becoming a confidential informant  for SEMCA a nebulous regional drug task force. He was a student living in the dorms of North Dakota State School of Science located in Wahpeton, North Dakota. Faced with what was described to him as felonies with jail time possibly reaching 40 years imprisonment, Mr. Sadek without seeking legal counsel became the CI. After apparently making a couple buys he disappeared from living human society one night - his body was found in the Red River. While his now childless parents admitted that a .22 caliber handgun was not present at the family home - Mr. Sadek’s body was found weeks later dressed in clothes different than he was dressed in - observed on video - leaving his dorm for the last time. Nonsensically to real world situations his body had attached a backpack laden with rocks.  The determination with a .22 hole in his head was apparent suicide.

Mr. Stenehjem and Mr. Dallas L. Carlson the nominee of the President instead of investigating the incident with their at least 42 secret agents - allowed or ignored the situation.  It has been said that police try to protect their CIs. Instead the “investigation” was tasked and allowed to be looked into by the college police with jurisdiction that is measured in yards. They - the college police had no expertise whatsoever in homicide investigations.

Native citizen Dustin Irwin died in custody of Senator John Hoeven’s hand picked sheriff candidate - elected in Minot, ND - Ward County, North Dakota according to Republican former District Committee man and Gonzaga trained attorney David Hale who was reportedly strong armed by then Senator Hoeven’s car dealer associate Mr. Patrick Stewart.

 Purposeful destruction of Ms Schumacher’s home for no valid purpose - malevolence is not a proper motive of those sworn to protect and serve and to defend the Constitution of the United States,appears to be a violation of her civil rights. Further her husband - dangerous perpetrator to be sure, rights to trial and life were ended - the police appear in the heavily redacted record as obviously only partially released to this affiant to be more than scared - they appear shaken, panicked, frozen, detached. Combat is very difficult. Mr. Thomas Ricks equates it to a form of collective walking psychosis. 

The police appeared to have a desire to end the Mr. Schumacher’s life so intense that when Detective Swan acting as negotiator at Red River Valley dispatch discovered Mr. Schumacher was bleeding profusely - Detective Swan asked Mr. Schumacher if Mr. Schumacher required medical aid. Mr. Schumacher replied yes, Detective Swan instructed him to crawl to any exit and await medical help.  

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation took over the investigation from the Fargo Police Department after the situation perpetrator had been declared deceased at about 0601 11 FEB 16. BCI had been present with up to 17 unnamed agents during the incident - including their (BCI) very disturbingly  secreting away of evidence (likely unreported police fired rifle brass) at about 2130 hours Wednesday 10 FEB 16. 

Mr Dallas L. Carson is Director of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation. In July and August 2016 Affiant requested under the ND Open Records Act records from the City of Fargo e-mails during the time of the February 2016 incident that resulted in the deaths of Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer and citizen and incident - family domestic perpetrator Mr. Marcus C. Schumacher Sr.. Weeks later and over $750.00 in fees later the City of Fargo released in redacted form documents that were not released to public nor press in the “complete file” from the Office of Attorney General.  The record as released in every form:1. To affiant, 2. To other media 3. Apparently as released to the Cass County State's Attorney - Fargo, ND 4. The affiant from City of Fargo do not match with each other and point to along with exclusive interviews conducted by affiant, point to a story not that Officer Moszer was killed by gunfire by Mr. Schumacher - but instead points to a conspiracy to obstruct justice by the government. A cover-up that in some police story versions blames Mr. Schumacher for the Officer death. Evidence factually secreted away by the Fargo Police Detective 16 year Veteran Voigtschild in his brief report of giving evidence bag to unnamed BCI agent (about 2130 hrs 10 Feb 16 about 20 minutes after Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer was reportedly shot in the forehead). Detective Voigtschild made it a point of determining not to see what was placed in the evidence bag - no mention being made of collected evidence unseen by Detective being entered into a chain of custody evidence inventory. 

The actuality of manipulation of the press and law enforcement in the state of North Dakota and the advancement of unethical members of law enforcement in the state by now United States Senator John Hoeven, then Governor, (election time 2010)  has resulted in Minot, North Dakota in the death of Native citizen Dustin Irwin by Gross negligence by Hoeven’s hand picked and promoted - now former Ward County Sheriff Steve Kukowski. Such manipulation and misstatements of fact continue on in the state of North Dakota through the role of Forum Communications in the Officer Moszer case cover-up and corruption of the public trust in the form of - for instance - Governor Burgum’s selection of former Forum (Fargo based) Communications reporter Mike Nowatzki. Contrary to State lab reports Forum reporter Kim Hyatt pushed the narrative in a story “The suspect, Marcus Schumacher, was armed with a 243 - caliber Winchester bolt-action rifle that he used to kill himself and 33 - year old Moszer”. The ND Crime lab Chief Science Officer could not match Mr. Schumacher’s apparent 6 time firings of the 243 caliber rifle - 6 brass casings found in Schumacher home - to include presumably one used to take Mr. Schumacher’s life by allegedly suicide in his possession. The statement by Ms Hyatt in the Forum does not conform to stated scientific facts. Story Friday 23 March 2018 - local news page A3. “Fargo police officer involved in latest shooting was Moszer’s beat partner”. The Forum appears to play the role of a chief misinformation disseminator to the harm of the public - who have every need and right to a truthful narrative and press. 

Some citizens (including affiant) regard Forum Communications and Odney Advertising - the principal of Odney being Senator Hoeven’s Bishop Ryan High School friend Mr. Pat Finken, as being tacit political subdivisions of a political party .  The cause other than - to be blunt - Natives are not liked in North Dakota white society, resulted in the death of Mr. Irwin over dollars and cents. Sheriff Kukowski was loath to spend any money on medical care for Mr. Irwin as it would strain his budget - whatever the jail received to house a prisoner - thirty dollars or some such figure.

A statewide pattern of law enforcement malfeasance…..

A remedy under the law: The Civil Rights Division Remedy along with DOJ oversight of ND policing:  https://www.justice.gov/crt/addressing-police-misconduct-laws-enforced-department-justice

Please see a seminal document regarding the takeover of law enforcement agencies and the media by state politicians:


An open letter to the Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem by the editorial staff of Minot Daily News - regarding two classes of people before the law in North Dakota - the citizen vis a vis the elected ruling class:

An open letter to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem - Minot Daily News


Mr. Stenehjem, Mr. Dallas L. Carlson’s boss over ND BCI being silent the Minot Daily News called for United States Department of Justice investigation into the situation in Ward County:

Justice Department should investigate Ward ... - Minot Daily News


May 7, 2017 - They see two investigations assert criminal wrongdoing, but a case then delayed and eventually scuttled following the intervention of elected …

On and on go the matters of Citizen civil rights abuse - the coerced confession of Tom Sander, principal of at the time Dickinson Trinity High School - likely as defined under the Geneva conventions as torture by Dickinson ND Detective Sergeant and Ultimate FIghter and a likely future (IMO) BCI hire Kylan Klauzer along with other police.

Important to the likelihood of SWAT Officer Jerrod Wagner being the individual who fired the fatal shot in to Officer Moszer head is a three page memorandum written 25 MAR 16 by North Dakota Cass County State's Attorney Mr. Birch P. Burdick laying out the rationale that SWAT Officer Wagner should not and would not be charged for shooting twice (twice is in dispute - other SWAT Officer’s heard only one shot - brass is missing from evidence chain of custody inventory - due to BCI choice not to do inventory brass that apparently is thrown away on a street corner.)  through the south wall of the Schumacher home and wounding Mr. Schumacher in the arm - now in the final minutes of Mr. Schumacher’s life. The memorandum misses the point and skirts the issue in question - did indeed SWAT kill Officer Moszer? The point is that likely that SWAT negligently shot Officer Moszer and police sought to kill - kill - Mr. Schumacher under every calculation.  

Incorporated by reference are the  documents obtained under ND Open records laws and by blind luck - affiant not knowing that at time of request - emails delete automatically from city servers 6 months from the date of creation. The legalese seems to me to be parsed, and in places not factual such as statement regarding Schumacher's bullets - only .22 caliber were scientifically attributed to damage done by Schumacher “hitting the garage door and going into/through the garage wall”. 

No one to my knowledge in law enforcement holds to a scenario whereby bullets shot by Schumacher passed through garage door - across alley to the north - facing east and then entered and passing through the north wall - in what appears to be nothing but entrance holes passing from the north where Mr. Schumacher never was.

This matter is complex, the redacted record extensive and suppressed as the identity and statements of fully suppressed close eye witness Ms Lisa Roscoe - taken by SWAT as a victim - uninjured to offer her fully hidden from the public and media testimony to primarily Cass County Sheriff Detective Steve Gabrielson at First Lutheran Church - located a couple blocks away and where SWAT had taken up Headquarters in their mobile command center.

Person’s or person citizen with much knowledge of the matter is physically and psychologically scared of physical retribution should he or she speak the facts as he or she knows them.        


Senators - I ask you Honorable Chair Grassley and Ranking member Honorable Senator Feinstein to order the production by subpoena of the entire case file - with evidence.

Further to question closely under oath those with intimate knowledge of what in the real world appears to me to be nothing other than the secreting away of evidence. Weapons not sent to the state crime lab, Officer Moszer’s M4 long rifle for instance - into the BCI car trunk it went, possibly placed on safe after it’s firing, according to SWAT team member - who stated that another party may have placed weapon on safe before he (reporting SWAT member handled the weapon) with round in chamber. It is stated in reports that Officer Moszer’s two 40 caliber handguns were unfired - no such statement is made for his M4 long rifle.

Mystery bullet projectiles laying on window sill across street from Schumacher home where SWAT members stayed - observing nothing all night from the dead man.  An Officer Joe Johnson had his police vehicle parked near the intersection where the two .308 casing were thrown away by police.

No member of SWAT in the home across the street from Schumacher’s home mention that Officer Johnson was present all night (the window sill projectile - only photographed but not it appears placed in an evidence custody chain).  Officer Johnson appears at nearly all times very near the location - garage hiding position of slain Officer Moszer.

Absolute declaration by Cass County Sheriff’s Office Detective Steve Gabrielson that two .308 brass bullet casing were found near the intersection of 3rd Street and 10th Avenue North, Fargo North Dakota. He was under the direct supervision and direction of unnamed BCI agent that early morning of 11 FEB 16, just before sun-up - the .308 brass was photographed - but again not apparently entered into evidence inventory chain. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation in addition to bagging evidence absent from the record at about 2130 hours 10 FEB 16. No parties except Red River Valley SWAT possessed .308 caliber in the incident - not the ND Highway Patrol according to a Trooper who stated that as a fact to affiant.  


It appears imperative that the Committee on the Judiciary issue subpoena for the entire case file North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation Case # 16-0114  with all evidence and names of 17 unnamed BCI agents and Police Officers and Neighborhood witnesses - at last - and for the first time under oath before the committee and assign dedicated Committee Law Enforcement Investigators to probe for very likely criminal and civil violations committed by law enforcement entities in the matter of the apparent cover-up and apparent conspiracy to obstruct justice in this matter.  I will cooperate in this matter to the extent I can - the presentation of witness suppressed is a matter that given person’s fear level can likely be dealt with and that person’ statement under oath given.

Senators - given the widespread systemic failure of North Dakota law enforcement to treat the truth as a value - the public good as a concern and the Bill of Rights a vital living document - I ask you ask the Honorable Attorney General Mr. Jeff Sessions to send to North Dakota teams from the Department of Justice to effect the investigations asked for by Minot Daily News - and in the likely need to do so - take over the ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation ordering it to stand down.

The nomination of the head of the BCI Mr. Dallas L. Carlson is without ethical merit and should not receive the positive recommendation of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee for him to serve as US Marshal for North Dakota.

Can such a situation continue to exist? In a Gulag, in a failed state, in a dead Constitutional Republic - the answer is Yes. In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, I respectfully request the Honorable members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to reply No. This is one citizen’s up close (I have received threats regarding this story) perception and viewpoint and candid belief having spoken with those I have and from an analysis of the record as presented to me at for me is an expensive price by the City of Fargo ND. I am a disabled decorated Army Veteran - certainly no hero - for that I look to you Senators.

Please see embedded KVLY and WDAY seemingly disinterested news clips from YouTube on the www.listedartistsgallery.com   web page - on home page right hand side - this after 50 days of their corporate media apparent non investigative - journalism endeavor. This affidavit is executed in 21 (twenty one originals) one for each Senator and two to be retained and circulated by me.

For the Constitution of the United States and the equal application of the law under law.  God Bless the United States of America. Thank You So Very Much Senators.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark E. Nelson

LA Sevareid Newsgroup

P.O. Box 10745

Fargo, ND 58106

lasevareidnewsgroup@gmail.com     PH: 701-715-2919 - I receive at times unhappy phone messages - to put it nice, and have the ringer unplugged often - but will reply to You,  Investigative Staff and your Good Offices. If in your good wisdom you send dedicated investigators to Fargo, ND, I would be available to meet with them. I possess 14 volumes of binders on the Officer shooting matter.  I ask for relief from present ethical situations for the People of North Dakota. 


SUBSCRIBED TO AND SWORN TO THIS ___________ DAY OF MAY  2018 before me a Notary Public for the State of North Dakota - County of Cass.   

(end of affidavit - please note Minot Daily News links no longer valid - Congratulations to the Minot Daily News for the fortitude to have published such editorials in the first place.)

Manson Family prosecutor and arguably the greatest prosecutor of the 20th Century, the late Mr. Vincent Bugliosi lays out a brilliant case for charging and trying former President George W. Bush for the murder (premeditated) of 6000 American Service members and at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians by knowingly leading the USA to war under false pretenses. ALERT all Veterans and all Vets Groups and Gold Star families.   

Site count - I believe, was of some date in August 2020 and refers to calendar year 2020.

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Heck, Bill Gates' Mom knew the IBM board of Directors, just be born into a family that is already worth 50 million - do that - you may get off to a good start.

Mr. Gates - very usefully, is a BRILLIANT Mathematician. Mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences - if you can do the highest end mathematics you can do anything {in very finite human constraints} (design and land devices on comets thing).

If one can not, one can not (IQ 150 plus PLUS required - it is not me).

If the Archangel Michael manifested to you (this has not happened in my life) and asked you to engage in three dimensional thinking - would you do it - or just blow it off? 

The least popularly liked FACT of psychology is that IQ is innate - period.

Have safe legal fun.  

Mark E. Nelson

at Fargo North Dakota, Monday 14 MAY 2021 (Fargo is the Paris of ALL Dakota - IMO, no irony). Thank You and your persona

Veterans ! Gold Star Families - Support the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder ! The arguably Greatest Prosecutor of the 20th Century is correct. MN 26 AUGUST 2022

Gassman Coulee Tressel  - West of Minot, ND, built 1899, after original destroyed by tornado. Open Records Request ND PSC and FOIA National Railway Safety indicate no safety inspections (122 years aged). Amtrak and Petrochemicals travel (Amtrak - slowly !) over this. Rail Crews express trepidation - some phone calls from Bismarck to BNSF and DC from Bismarck are in order IMO. 19 MAY 21 

Mayor Shaun Sipma of Minot, ND has received numerous calls from members of the public stating to him that he (Mayor Sipma) was responsible for the deaths of their loved ones. ND having gone through four state health officers - fired and resigned. What now - four State Drought Officers?. Is there a spiritual element in the human experience - or not?  I had the great privilege to have known Brynhild Haugland to some real degree - I crawled about her feet at Grandma's Eureka McKinley (two combined - for the meetings - rural Ward County ND) Townships Homemaker's Meetings - she was Dad's second grade teacher; I knew Art Link less well - he appeared to me the same humble person all the decades we conversed (at the Red School House (with Brynhild !)) while he ran for what, Congress? Cake and pie musical chair walks -  what Fun!. I have no doubt as to what Brynhild and Governor Link would say as to the existence of God. Governor Burgum, Sir, in some very real sense - your experiences and your very real potential may be on the only real potential that can make a difference to help North Dakota achieve a softer landing in what appears to be the terminal decline of the American Empire - occurring, arguably, 60 times faster than Rome's. Please, if you have the time to address a timely replacement of the Gassman Coulee Tressel, this may be prudent in re this Critical National Infrastructure. As the motto of your alma matter says" For the Land and It's People" You are our Leader. Thank You Mark E. Nelson, Wednesday 19 MAY 2021 at Fargo, ND. (a personal note - GO BEAVERS ! Minot State University ! In memory Mr. Gaylen Brown - late Dept of History Associate Professor of History - what a teacher.) 

Here is an idea - just one of eight (8) on how North Dakota can progress - I will not bother with the other seven that a handful of North Dakotans that I have shared them with have stated to me that they find compelling - nothing positive will ever be generated let alone be implemented - in the "Great State" of North Dakota. As some unremembered talking head stated a few days ago online - something to the effect of "It is one thing speaking truth to power - Power already knows the truth."

YES! something the US Attorney (acting) for the District of ND and the Cass County States Attorney can rally to (hint RALLY!) Prosecute George W. Bush for Murder (in the First Degree). The late Mr. Bugliosi mentions Fargo, ND in his book, Mr. Burdick - as way of example - take the example and run with it !  Trial at the Cass COunty Courthouse. Yeah. Hundreds of Veterans may be saved from suicide if you do.  Hold someone - that one ! To account. Hundreds of Gold Star families need a copy of this book, to help them focus. There is a program - lets get with the program. 


Portion (least grotesque portion) of Sophia Wilansky's blown apart arm Minneapolis Hospital - regarding blast stun projectile aimed and fired at Wilansky by Police at Standing Rock  .

R.I.P. Mr. Andrew J. Sadek;  R.I.P.  Mr. Wayne K. Stenehjem.

This website updated 8 OCTOBER 2022. ND government is a warren. Thank You. MN Fargo, ND; nothing follows

Questions: 1 OF 2: " What is your opinion as to actual motive of Steven Paddock the Las Vegas shooter? Answer: While a motive has not been apparently established by law enforcement  "officially" - the most cogent theory - out of Britain, is that Paddock inwardly resenting the constant diminishing of comps (MGM - Mandalay Bay) and his already razor thin advantage at high dollar slots - he designed upon the plan to take down MGM corp..  To financially strike at MGM where he gambled away 1.6 M$ in final spree. 2. Has Governor Doug Burgum has suffered a psychological breakdown? Answer: Any evidence - hiding - where has he been since June 2021 - no public appearances?- Goering and Hoeven handle drought meetings - what can HON Governor say anyway  did you see the MD letter to Bismarck Tribune a few days ago - hundreds intolerable -  grandparents dead. Don't know - odds on inner turmoil and not knowing what to do let alone how to do it - perhaps internally may be troubling .  - Where are his shrinks? How about Boise Idaho.   MN Fargo, ND 18 AUG 21. 

T Denny Sanford downloaded images prohibited - and this linked to WHAT ?  "Alien Z" programming of prepubescent children in the SD schools and much more EVIL.  opinion - standard of more likely than not - SUBSTANTIATED - SD f uped.  comment 27AUG21: BCI Special Agents SSA Arnie Rummel and SA Joe Arenz performed a. Interview and b. Interrogation of SDAG - sloth like intellect, almost too stupid to form evil intent - almost - the man he killed through negligence Mr. Joseph Paul Boever's glasses were found in AG Ravnborg's Ford Taurus; he is the top law enforcement official in SD  - the top lawyer in the state - call a constitutional convention the U.S.A. is toast. BCI -  Professionally in this instance a commendable work. ND SD Secrecy - remains a shipwreck.  Isaak defense counsel was not zealous - not to any point, certainly not aimed at establishing reasonable doubt - good enough ND SD law. Vermillion SD (USD) has a redeeming feature - its World Class National Music Museum  much recommended.

Evil - but - but - a lesson of this matter is - that each and every individual in the matter acted like we would have acted in the same situation --- the idea that anyone in the matter is so much more evil than what lurks in us all is naive - false. 

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Clinical Psychologist (Canadian 1962 -) Points out:  "We are all five weeks away from being concentration camp guards".  This is not so easy. 

Recommendation - Check out Jordan B. Peterson You Tube Channel

Communications between Sadek and girlfriend initiated within a week of Sadek's death. In the months and months of the case drifting nowhere to any progressive effect to the plaintiffs, plaintiff counsel acts slowly and ineffectively. Defense Counsel points out Plaintiff counsel has deposed two - and only two parties. 

As to where to report Mr. Sadek information - new members of DOJ, Washington DC, may have replaced previously named incumbents - to include the Honorable Attorney General of the United States Mr. Merrick Garland.  Heck killers how are things REALLY working out for you - get a licensed criminal defense attorney and approach justice - cloaked in privilege and ask for immunity and REWARD - think what you can do with a cool million and if you want to be a  Matt Goetz  like creature - do it in witness protection program.  Things as we know are not going well for you folk - No. Read Dostovestsky's Crime and Punishment - the nature of the crime and it's hidden effects on you psyche work deeply. First one to DOJ "wins" sort of, in the Corporate Fascist State. Make yourself, your Lawyer, family and DOJ solid winners. Yeah confess and prosper - in a manner of speaking. Peter the Great said " Confess Beast - Confess!" .  Who will be first to race to Justice ? Pacho, Slashah - Old school - or YOU - Girlfriend?  Cash - Cash - Cash - and you become the Hero !  $$$$ Cha Ching !  Solid Wins and something really - some small small token of Justice for those treated so cruelly - IMO - the Sadek's.  Make that first call - oooo.

"Girlfriend" spends not last night of Mr. Sakek's life with him in his dorm room - but the night prior to that. His friends do not like her - according to documents in court file.  A what, 7- 8 - 9 day "relationship"? The court file is notable in regard to endless documents not present - referred to attorneys in one pleading or another - but not available in the purported public file.  

Again and again there is obvious additional causes of action that go to gross negligence if not criminal negligence involving the state school of science that include - just for example, the failure of the school to fix exterior parking lot security cameras - and this after a mass tire slashing incident - the students incur damage on their cars however this is not investigated to any standard of care. Is the importance to not have security outside that can be accessed under state open records acts more important than basic institutional security, (BCI playing the constant parking lot pot shell game) and of the course the life of Mr. Sadek - the answer appears Yes.  Is Plaintiff counsel incompetent ?


Collusive -- probably. Oblivious - maybe.   Causes of actions ignored and not raised.   Judge Schmitz allows plaintiff counsel months to join additional defendants - plaintiff counsel does not depose any further persons - dozens of persons have information of one sort or another.   

1 MAY 14 - Girlfriend indicates she has marijauna.  In addition to the at least three types of designer varieties she has already indicated she already had (?!)  Mr. Sadek is just hours from eternity.  

posted here 29 JULY 2021 - former expert for the Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation Virologist Geert Vanden Bossche DVM PhD explains his views - see his OPEN LETTER to WHO and the world scientific community :


UPDATE ! 18 JUNE 2021 - a phone call or calls have been placed ! BNSF work on track and decking -has begun -  but as not presently the metal substructure is occurring at night. How about calling the grasshoppers for a halt in their fall hatch and botanical "feast" not seen since the 1930's? At least BNSF is not the incompetent and proven Minot killer of citizens the CP system is - remember 18 January 2002 - death - disaster - Canadian Pacific Railway. Yeah - call the grasshoppers next.   

International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research

Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences  of the mRNA Vaccine Against COVID-19

      Stephanie Seneff and Greg Nigh


interesting 3 SEP 21 - the net appears to scrub certain vetted Journal docs

lets try it this way: 


In regard the Wahpeton Daily News story of above - (Sunday 8 March 2015 A1) did the charges referred to disappear - were dropped? There appears to be no court record remaining regarding such.  Why? Can not the state actually produce in court the Confidential informant? Why? Is the Confidential Informant deceased?  How are the the dates in the story - seemingly appear to be relevant to the life of Mr. Sadek?  Is the CI the girlfriend - who arrives into Mr. Sadek's life - on or about 24 APRIL 2014? Mr. Sadek almost certainly dies in the early morning hours of 1 MAY 2014.

Plaintiff Counsel (representing the Sadek's interests) do not subpoena and depose under oath dozens of people who know Mr. Sadek and may have information they do not care to share unless compelled.  Mr. Sadek is a member of various dating sites to include GRINDR. Leads are numerous but not apparently followed up on.  Why apparently  does not law enforcement seek warrants for phone records of parties other than Mr. Sadek's phone. Individuals about the Wahpeton community in the know will communicate with each other.

Mrs. Tammy Sadek rejected a request for permission to attempt to retrieve data from Andrew Sadek's phone. Months and months passed while the phone sat in one office (BCA - MN FBI) or another even after a warrant was issued for data extraction. After getting to HQ FBI a virtual technical triumph is attained - virtually all information on Mr. Sadek's phone survived weeks under water. Phone was in his shirt or coat pocket; wallet was missing. 

Brian A. Benczkowski serves as the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division - HQ Washington USDOJ. Meet the Criminal Division's AAG.

Employees of the USDOJ have the obligation - legally to report abnormalities - violations of the Law to the Inspector General of the USDOJ. Meet the IG. 

Mr. Levine - is more experienced than anyone else in the case and perhaps more experienced and knowledgeable than everybody in the case combined and is indeed a worldwide expert in Narcotics Homocide, and the training worldwide of narcotics investigators - why don't we include his chief person of interest as a person of interest? Yes - let us do so. See for instance pages 123 - 124 in his expert opinion. 

Another person of interest ? How about Mr. Sadek's friend - former student at Wapheton ND State School of Science - solid California connections - ( a full out "legal" pot state) who quit job and now is dealing full time.

There are now at least four persons of interest - at least - and more leads than that - many more; - then there is a North Dakota - Minnesota law enforcement apparatus that insists that "a new pair of eyes" are needed in the Sadek matter.

Dear Citizens and reader - this may be you - who do you know and your families know at USDOJ firstly the Criminal Division?  Six degrees of separation - there are probably dozens of you who desire true justice for Mr. Sadek - who are just 2 or three degrees separated from HQ DOJ, yourself, kids, friends, - your network. Bring it to USDOJ - firstly the Criminal Divisions attention with - signed certified mail etc.  Let the file at DC fill and fill. 

The text of a letter sent to a a number of recipients by USPS First Class Mail Saturday 14 December 2019:

14 December 2019


We concur with Mr. Michael Levine that independent Federal Investigations are needed in the Sadek Case - Chiefly  the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. SEMCA is a fiction - all Master Confidential Informant files are kept at BCI - Bismarck. No good faith effort has been made to find the killers of Andrew John Sadek - NONE. The arguments before the ND Supreme Court scheduled in the Sadek Case 19 DEC 19 are technical legal questions that go to summary judgment.  The case should have brought by competent National Counsel for example Williams and Connolly LLP Washington DC,(they represent Sophia Wilansky of New York who nearly lost her arm at Standing Rock - they filed their lawsuit in ND Federal Court) who would join Mr. Stenehjem, the ND State School of Science as defendants and file as a Civil Rights Action in Federal Court. 

Instead the clock clicked down and down as to statute of limitations in the Federal Court This is first and foremost a Murder case. . The Public is ill served. Plaintiff Counsel never had an intention to take on the NDAG - BCI - let alone find killers well known to them. I have also gone through five years of Wahpeton Daily News edition - a page is enclosed for your reading and analysis.

This relates of course to 

Case No. 39-2016-CV-00128 filed in Wahpeton John Sadek el al. vs Jason Weber et al. It will cost you about $40.00 to print out the entire District Court file at a North Dakota courthouse - there is a steep learning curve. Go and print read think and send your impressions certified and signed to the Criminal Division of the Justice Department.  There is 1936 Philosophical Gem called Thinking, Choosing and Deciding - I had the pleasure of reading a rare copy once - written by a woman, I do not now recall her name, Partially on the rationale presented in the book we rule out the Confidential Informants making the buys from Mr. Sadek as realistic suspects in his death - their identities have been multiply sourced - we rule them out and will not identify them - leave human destruction to an inhumane state government. We wish these young men and their families well. Their actions are then only pertinent in regards Mr. Levine’s opinion that CI “B” was only necessary to accompany CI "A" because the pot being bought from Mr. Sadek.was the identical pot sold to Sadek by CI “A”.   My comments and affidavit to the US Senate Judiciary committee regarding the necessity of federal takeover of BCI can be found at http://policecorruptionbcind.blogspot.com/

This meshes almost as one with Mr. Levine’s conclusions - a Federal shutdown of SEMCA - that is to say BCI.  Our secure website is www.listedartistsgallery.com  Mr. Levine’s full document will soon be presented. A photo is enclosed of the popular button and beverage coaster - it too is our opinion. Thank You So Much For Your Time.

Mark Nelson

Fargo, ND  reporting as a public necessity 

note -  enclosed were pages 123, 124 and 156 of Mr. Levine's Expert opinion as illustrated above in the Scribd windows.

The lapel button and also a different variation beverage coaster - type reads "Stenehjem Killed Me". Each is about 3 inches in diameter. 

Records appearing in these photographs have to do with information extracted from Mr. Sadek's phone months after his death. 

Great used books available through my favorite source -Abebooks, one can locate some choice titles for as little as five bucks - shipping paid.

Screen snip from Abebooks 11 SEP21.  When a Veteran is lured to the VA for another free donut lunch day (sugar causes cancer - ask about the urns for Veterans program - oh yeah ...) and then marches aimlessly or are pushed around the block and hear for the 300th time "Thank You for your Service." This time the Veteran pulling him or herself out of their respective funk cries out "War Criminals!" and becomes focused on the prosecution of George W. Bush for first degree murder.  The studied Opinion of arguably the Greatest Prosecutor of the 20th Century - a focused mind Mr. Vincent Bugliosi.  EVERY Gold Star family needs a purpose - the roadmap is Mr. Bugliosi's book - complete media blackout.  GW's daughter gets the Today show every weekday with Hoda. Mr. Bugliosi was invited to no press coverage of his essential book. Too Hot - all so clear. ACT ! Prosecute.  

late HON Mr. Wayne Kevin Stenehjem 1953-2022, the 29th Attorney General of North Dakota welcomes FFA Members in his office. R.I.P.  photo undated, posted 26 AUGUST 2022

Thank You Mr. Stenehjem for your work on behalf of Open Records in the State of North Dakota. Nothing Follows.

Defense Counsel states in pleadings that Mr. Levine's expert opinion is not in Affidavit form and therefore according to law is not admissible. If this is a legal fact how can apparently competent Plaintiff counsel have missed such an important legal requirement?  

Reader assignment ! Yes, You Please.  Screen Snip this entire page. Download - print - save the entire Michael Levine Expert Testimony document. Share this link - bookmark this link ...  Act. Thank You visitors in Greater urban Massachusetts and Great Britain.  GB this is the American story for the Guardian.

above: Ms Wilansky poses in VICTORY with check outside Police Station taxpayer money made possible the sadistic destruction of her arm - her arm came perilously close to a required amputation - Thank GOD that the arm did not have to be severed with - like the civil war - a saw is used to complete amputations of this sort.

Her World Class Counsel is Williams and Connolly - Washington DC - one reviewing entity states "At Williams and Connolly, there is an uncompromising emphasis on Victory."


Merry Christmas

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In the matter of Andrew John Sadek - deceased. Sadek story below... 30 AUGUST 2021 .. GOV BURGUM surfaces ! MB Peace Garden. After 62 days ! Meridian, Idaho ! Psychiatric "treatment" ongoing - ease back into whatever it is you really believe you do.  No report of electro conductive (shock) therapy - at this time.  Individuals in Fargo discuss removal statues and then finally Sanford name from health care facilities, underlings hope to wait until he (T Denny Sanford) has left the scene.   Do your own Alien Z image - SD trademark searches - yes he (or whatever may be your preferred pronoun) established an educational propaganda organization to place this crap into the public schools - so with the 2 billion $ stolen through interest on the backs of poor - First Premier Bank - he proceeded to spread his prediliction - throughout the schools. - MN Monday 30 AUGUST 2021 (a cornerstone document - "Is There a Minot Mafia ? "    )

Pulitzer Prize winner - former NYT Middle East Station Chief and Harvard Divinity School graduate Mr. Chris Hedges with Abby Martin in video below discuss Mr. Hedges' views of contemporary America's existential problems  

If you are interested become your own - as close as expert as you can be, according to science. Read the scholarly journals. To a non quantitative chemist trained expert this can be a difficult read - but so be it; find for instance, papers on vaccines on the next thing - vaccines inability to combat the Lambda variant.   Further a paper on nicotine and caffeine positive correlation to combat COVID - Iran Japan USA cowritten paper - if you can not locate them after making an effort to educate yourself then feel free to email me - Mark  - yes follow the science.


HON Doug James Burgum currently serves as North Dakota's 33rd Governor                                                                     Thank You



The 157 page Expert Opinion of Mr. Michael Levine follows in three Scribd windows. 

North Dakota numbers move in positive direction. 1569 total North Dakota COVID 19 deaths as of 29 JULY 2021.​ Source NYT

"We do not have ideas - ideas have us"

Dr. Jordan  B. Peterson - summarizing the entire work of Carl Jung in one phrase. 

And again fellow citizens:

“The motivation for all deception is to avoid the consequences of the truth”

Essentials of the Reid Technique Criminal Interrogation and Confessions

Fred E. Inbau, John E. Reid, Joseph P. Buckley, Brian C. Jayne, abridged 4th Edition Copyright 2005, Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Thank You  

​below is text of affidavit sent to all - at the time - members of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, for instance: