This information - based on documents AND exclusive interviews the other media did not pursue in their co-opted non-reporting, is for instance for New York Times reporters, when they come to investigate further and possibly for you if you became a significant benefactor and stepped up to assist the little news agency that reports here - singularly and alone, in the public interest. 

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The West Fargo Police Department in a document - despite the fact the incident included the death of a Police Officer - cited the victim as "Society" and not the Officer - perhaps because the facts as presented at this site - are well known to West Fargo Police including co-guard  of Police killer - SWAT and Fargo Police Officer Jerrod Wagner; W.F. Officer Derick Werner, and that being the fact, the citing of the Officer as victim - as being killed by the alleged killed perpetrator Mr. Schumacher would be inaccurate...... told by some as the BIG LIE.

Chris Hedges speaks at The Sanctuary for New Media at Troy, New York, on 18 November 2018 



If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud."


The government and ethics of the city of west fargo, north dakota is recognized as particularly ethically weak, lacking a moral compass, a gross lack of loyalty - for instance - no one willing to say NO! to the evil harassment, known to be false (2 investigations concluded that the allegations against ND Teacher of the Year Mr. Aaron Knodel were false)  and flat out malicious prosecution - persecution of Mr. Knodel by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation - that crowned it's own junior agent a writing analysis expert after taking a home study course of what? 20 hours of "study".... Forcing relatives of Mr. Knodel to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend against the fake motived (author's hatched word) "government".

West Fargo North Dakota - now in a shit based (Nov 2017) motive Veteran's Art "they" are "sponsoring" show rules for entries totally subjective and are totally censored by the government.

God Damn - if it be his will - the morally devoid government of West Fargo, ND.

West Fargo does not speak truth to the public about even their own role in the conspiracy to obstruct justice (Officer Werner guards Officer Wagner after Wagner mortally wounded Officer Jason Moszer but Wagner is allowed to go on his own final solution as to Marcus C. Schumacher to kill him, to blame Schumacher for killing Moszer; to deny Schumacher trial, all civil rights and his very life).

West Fargo gives up it's best Aaron Knodel, what would they, will they, do they do with a lessor, (in their eyes) person? Complicit in Stenehjem's abject evil again. 

West Fargo insults the Constitution, American Veterans (luring them with small cash prizes - to enter "their" shit city government) Art Show that has onerous obstructive rules that censors entries.

Veterans have a myriad of emotions that are locked away, in some instance and all the shit government of West Fargo offers is an insistence that they once again conform to the dictates of evil government that has caused the death directly of tens and hundreds of thousands of

troops and Veterans (false - never happened Gulf of Tonkin "incident" - do not show any emotion Veteran - Thank You for your service - Fuck You corrupt West Fargo "government").

What is an appropriate punishment for Hitler?

Place him in Red Skin and make him live in North Dakota.